OnePlus – the CyanogenMod phone

oneplus camera

OnePlus is the new kid in the block. It’s based on the open source version of Android, CyanogenMod, and beats every others phones on the specs. Better camera, top screen (full HD), quadcore at 2.5GHz, 3GB of RAM, up to 64GB of storage, all the communication protocols, including LTE (top speed internet access), Wifi and NFC.

It misses the microSD card port, but that’s also true for all the newest phones, including iPhone and Nexus.

The main advantage of this phone against a Nexus 5 or a similar android smartphone is that it comes from factory with CyanogenMod, which means that you already have access to the controls to block the permissions of the apps and a few other apps that are not Google closed apps, which doesn’t make them more secure, but at least makes them less malicious on propose.

The released prices are US$299 for the 16G white version and US$349 for the 64G Sandstone black version. But for now the only way to get one is by offering to smash your new smartphone – yes, only current models – and getting the OnePlus for US$1 – See more at OnePlus Website.  And, here is the promotional email for the Smash the Past campaign.


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