Links Worth a minute – Oct 15

  1. Siri – the voice controlled control center from iPhone 4S – with iPhone 4S, Apple launched Siri, an application that works mostly like a personal assistant. It is able to schedule appointments, make calls, write emails and SMSs, find places and give you directions. And the amazing thing is that it is controlled by voice, using fluid, natural phrases.
  2. Face tracking software is here – it’s minority report all over. There are a lot of useful applications that can be created from this type of capability, but it will also be a very brief period before some country or city start using this kind of software for surveillance. Let’s hope it take sometime, and that we can make it illegal.
  3. the Case behind iPhone 5 cases – some companies invested in preparation to get cases for iPhone 5 closer to the expected launch of the phone on October 4th, based on leaked designs and specs. What Apple presented, however, was a new version of iPhone 4.

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