Trivia Links – Oct 15

  1. Oracle v. Google – some more developments
  2. Skype is now officially part of Microsoft – and they did stop distributing Google toolbar with skype.
  3. Samsung lawyers can’t tell Galaxy Tab and iPad apart
  4. German Satelite can fall sometime next week – link in brazilian portuguese.
  5. Google keeps making money, G+ keeps growing
  6. Bill Bratton on Wired UK 2011 – the ex-chief of New York Police on why fight the small crimes and why not shut down social network on cases of riots.
  7. Paypal increases the transaction limits on India to US$3000
  8. A nice infographic about reddit
  9. X-47B flies in Cruise mode for the first time – the US keep spending money in war crafts.
  10. Microsoft is improving the task manager – finally

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